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SAGE Quintessential

Adapa in Green Sandalwood

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The largest-of-the-crew, Adapa serves an abundance of wisdom & strength. SAGE Quintessential ~signature~ extra-wide comb teeth encourage gentle haircare for all hair types. Wooden combs come ‘anti-static’ – translating to low fuss detangling, less breakage, splitting and frizz and smooth self-massaging. Adapa’s smooth, polished ends and ridges offer holistic, multi-purpose benefits. Use any side of the comb to perform – head massage, facial scraping, acupressure, or manual massage. SAGE Quintessential tropical sandalwood combs come extremely durable – around FOUR times the thickness of your average comb. Adapa is a uniquely weighted tool designed with a full handle – fit for performing different level manual-massage. After your SAGE, expect to feel naturally more relaxed and invigorated.

Adapa is made from green sandalwood, which is naturally aromatic, with a mildly warm scent that is revitalising. The same thing that accounts for the scent, is the same quality to thank for Adapa’s brilliant colour – a gum-resin-rich essence. When left to sift, natural oils in the wood flocculate on the surface of the comb as crystallised “white fuzz” – mimicking the texture of sage herb. This is a natural phenomenon of this tropical sandalwood variety – only authenticating its dynamic, ‘alive’ nature – to be gently wiped clear.

Your green sandalwood comb will darken in colour throughout the years as the resin oxidises with exposure to air & light – reaching a deep, dark evergreen appearance.

Care Guide:

To effectively cleanse of grease and dirt while maintaining the wood’s natural lustre, polish your tool clean with a neutral oil often. We enjoy jojoba, flaxseed and argan oils. AVOID soaking in water and exposing to high temperatures. Dry after use on wet hair.


Measurement:20cm x 5cm approx.


Please note- grain & colour of wood varies as each comb is of a uniquely precious nature.