Collection: SAGE Quintessence

SAGE Quintessence’s goal is to supply premium self-care apparatus that serve holistically - considering the mind, body, spirit, and the environment. Offering multi-purpose products that are made to last is a reflection of our passion towards sustainability. SAGE Quintessence believes every civilisation yields tools used for better, so we showcase something of a ‘precious nature’ in a world otherwise hypnotised by synthetic polymers.

There is a reason why wooden combs have been relished as a preferred grooming tool by our ancestors, since ancient times. Wood carries a negative charge that matches the hairs on the head. The skin, scalp and hair are carbon based. Wooden combs are carbon stores that match their charge for a positive grounding effect. The feeling of wood is the next best thing to the sensation of human touch. We go back to nature to empower the self and activate the body’s own self-healing abilities. Bodywork, breath work and aromatherapy have been effective healing modalities since ancient times.