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Zoe McBride

Ring Bitten By a Woman

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Ring Bitten By a Woman
A soild sterling silver ring.

Inspired by Jasper Johns’ painting Painting Bitten by a Man.

This is a favourite artwork of Zoe's. She's never seen it in person, but when she first lay eyes
on an image of it she was in love. It’s visceral, it’s textural, it’s material and it’s quirky AF. ...
Another reason Zoe was likely drawn to the work was for the familiar colour and finish of the
wax. Zoe use a soft brown wax for many of her pieces, she can achieve a fluidity with it as it
warms up with her hands and becomes malleable.

Zoe McBride jewellery is made in Muriwai, Auckland. Each piece is a one off style cast from reclaimed metals and stones that are sourced from reputable New Zealand suppliers.

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